In a 2016 visit to Mexico, Rev. John I. Jenkins noted that while Notre Dame’s ties to Mexico date back more than a century, today, more than ever, the partnership is a priority.

Collaborations between Mexico and Notre Dame, he said, would link universities and businesses, generate innovation, and train future leaders to strive for success, do good, and resist evil. These burgeoning partnerships, he articulated, would be “critical for higher education…and critical for the future of the Catholic Church.”

Notre Dame Mexico serves as a platform for our faculty to expand their research in new directions with Mexican leaders in their respective fields. In following the vision of Father Jenkins, our faculty are working in a wide cross-section of fields relevant to both of our countries including transitional justice, human rights, nanotechnology, engineering, public health, and theology, among others. Our goal remains the same as it did when we first engaged Mexico in 1850: to bring together the brightest minds to produce new knowledge for the common good.