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Notre Dame's Latin America Network Statement of Purpose

The history of the relationship between the University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame) and Latin America started in 1850 when the first international student arrived on Notre Dame’s campus from Mexico. During this time, a significant majority of international students came from Mexico, largely due to the efforts of Rev. John Zahm, C.S.C., his brother Albert, and the “Zahm Special” rail car. Then, in 1936, the Congregation of Holy Cross established the prestigious Saint George’s College in Santiago, one of Chile’s cradles of civic, social, cultural and political leaders. Over the decades to come, the University of Notre Dame and the Congregation of Holy Cross began a number of projects and partnerships in Brazil, Peru, Panama, Mexico, Chile and many other countries in the Latin America region.

Drawing upon Notre Dame's long history of engagement with Latin America and guided by our commitment to community building, innovation, and spirituality, the niversity's global locations, in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico, advance Notre Dame Global’s mission by promoting international education, research, and engagement in the Latin America region through the following principles:

(1) Maintain a strong network of relationships to educational institutions, non-profit organizations, corporations, the Church, as well as Notre Dame alumni and other relevant stakeholders, through the creation and promotion of sustainable opportunities for collaboration.

(2) Provide expertise in global education through exceptional study abroad programs that are grounded in deep cultural immersion, language acquisition, local knowledge, and experiential learning.

(3) Facilitate the growth and development of mutually beneficial faculty research programs and scholarships that effectively deepen the relationship between Latin America and Notre Dame.

(4) Demonstrate excellence in community outreach, guided by familial values, hospitality, and care to solidify Notre Dame’s position as a leader in US-Latin America higher education.

(5) Leverage historical synergies between the region and Notre Dame, building upon Latin America's Catholicism and presence of the Congregation of Holy Cross in Latin America to promote the common good.

(6) Integrate Latin America culture, values, partnerships, and research opportunities within the academic, social, and spiritual life of campus.

Over the years, we have conducted some of the most popular, immersive study abroad and international education experiences, have enabled faculty research and collaborations, dual degree programs, and have developed effective models for recruitment both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

We welcome you to learn more about our work, and discover the ways in which we can support your research, education, or endeavors that promote the greater good and the mission of the University in Latin America.